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Milestones and activities in creating the Diversity Project

  • PROJECT OUTLINE SUBMITTED 16 November 2012: The Diverse University: A project outline submitted to Pro-Rector Berit Kjeldstad (Mangfoldsuniversitetet: En prosjektskisse)


  • NTNU EDUCATIONAL BOARD 20 February 2013: Potential focus areas and goals of the Diversity Project were presented and discussed at NTNU’s Educational Board.

    • An overall purpose: The overall purpose was to identify and make clear the limits and focus, and clarifying what the project is trying to achieve.

    • Project areas: Teaching and learning practices; work with postgraduate students and supervisors; internationalization of the curriculum; internationalization of the campus and campus services

    • Recruiting colleagues: Each board member was encouraged to identify colleagues within their respective faculties (departments & programs) taking an interest in one or more of the suggested areas.

    • Explicit outcomes: Board members were asked to be explicit about what they would like to see as outcomes, and no more than two actions to be identified within each domain

The idea of a Reference Panel was agreed to assist in the setup of the Diversity Project. The purpose was to extract ideas and create a sense of belonging and support from key stakeholder groups within NTNU – academic as well as administrative staff, students and PhD candidates.


  • DIVERSITY PROJECT REFERENCE PANEL 16 April 2013: First meeting in the Diversity Project’s Reference Panel including a brief presentation of the aim and scope of the project.  What are the needs, and what is to be achieved by launching the project?

  • INTRODUCTORY WEEK 27-31 May 2013: Introductory week of the project.  The purpose was to

    • Raise awareness of the issues arising from the increased diversity amongst students enrolling at NTNU.  To hear from senior managers and leaders on what they think needs to be done.

    • Meet with and collect students' experiences and recommendations for changes and for better support for their learning, focusing in particular on international masters students and on Doctoral candidates from outside of Norway.

    • Start to identify projects, changes and interventions that NTNU staff need to do, in the light of their diverse student body.

    • Inform people about what resources, research, evidence and experience exits in other tertiary settings where people are dealing with exactly the same issues.  Sharing and highlighting good practice.

    • Get two or three specific projects or work plans identified - find groups of people who are willing to take projects forward.

    • Start to plan how projects will proceed

    • Provide generic training and professional development to NTNU staff as appropriate.  Open 'surgery' type sessions may be welcomed where people can drop in and discuss particular issues or problems.

  • For an overview of events in the introductory week, click here

  • INTERRIM REPORT-BACK OF PROGRESS 27-29 November 2013: Interim Event for the Diversity Project.

    • The purpose was to motivate, trigger progress, to hear from others what they are doing, and to gather feedback.

    • Format:  Each project leader presented where they were, what they have achieved so far, what needs to be done.

    • Attending:  seven project leaders, their colleagues and assistants and a visiting scholar from India, Jude Carroll & Vidar Gynnild.


  • WORKSHOPS ON REQUEST: Jude ran a successful workshop (November 2013) with the medical faculty on classroom based teaching for diverse students.  15 people attended - professors, administrative staff and student support advisers. 

For a detailed outline of other activities, please click here