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NTNU’s Diversity Project

Sign up for a two-day national conference on 16-17 September 2014. The conference will combine input from NTNU projects and invited speakers. The conference includes development workshops, discussion and other interactive sessions to start a richer dialogue on diversity in Norwegian universities.


Over several decades, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) has seen a rapid growth of students coming to Trondheim from all over the world to study. Currently, there are about 1900 international students enrolled, and a slightly larger number of candidates from 87 countries enrolled in PhD programs. This ‘horizontal’ mobility has been spearheaded by the European Union as part of the Bologna process. The absence of tuition fees in Norway has further stimulated students to seek their educational fortune here.  This rapid change has prompted questions about the university’s ability to support its increasingly diverse student populations and to ensure all students' progress towards successful studies.

Although ‘diversity’ is a broad term and has been applied for a long time within educational settings, the Diversity Project focuses primarily on the inclusion of culturally and linguistically diverse students in a Norwegian educational setting.

Goals for the Diversity project

The key questions to be explored by NTNU’s Diversity Project are the following:


  • How can the university become an even better place to be and learn for culturally and linguistically diverse students?

  • What can the university do to better induct, support and teach students coming from diverse backgrounds and different levels of English?

  • What does it mean to internationalize the curriculum, and how can international masters programs in particular be designed to even better meet the needs of their diverse student populations?

Description of the methodology

The Diversity project is implemented through a range of projects across the university. All projects address various issues of diversity aiming at concrete improvements in their respective academic domains. The projects are run locally and facilitated centrally by UNIPED, supported by from external help from Jude Carroll from Oxford, UK. She is an internationally recognized expert on internationalization and diversity issues in higher education. Some funding is provided to all projects to cover expenses associated with workshops, excursions, required professional support etc.


Who is overseeing the Diversity project?

The Diversity Project is endorsed by Pro-Rector Berit Kjeldstad as part of the university’s endeavors to facilitate teaching and learning conditions for all students in an era of increased student mobility. In order to ensure proper project design and professional supervision, Jude Carroll from Oxford has taken on a part time position to assist during the project period.  Jude has also given a number of workshops/seminars and helps project managers in their work.


External expert facilitator:                Educational consultant Jude Carroll,

Project manager at NTNU:                Professor Vidar Gynnild,

Project Assistant:                           Assistant Professor Katja Hakel,

Administrative staff:                        Senior Executive Officer Marit Pettersen,